Once you installed the app and allowed all permissions to access you can simply enter a room name into the room field and you have just created your first conference. Then once in the meeting, you can open the menu using the 3 dots button at the bottom, then select “Invite others” to share the meeting details with others.

You should reach out to the organizer of that conference and get a room name to join.

It sounds like a permission issue on the device. Can you please double check if you gave all the permissions to the app that it needs? The easiest way is to go to the device settings section of the phone, find the eConnect-Pro application, and turn all permissions on. On Android you may also need to go into “Apps and notifications” after opening Settings.

Once in the meeting, you can open the menu using the 3 dots button at the bottom, then select “Invite others” to share the meeting details with others.

eConnect-Pro is mainly a web based app, so on any other desktop operating systems, you can just navigate to  https://meet.econnect-pro.com/using a Google Chrome browser and you’re good to go – no need to download anything.

If you are prompted with a password when joining a conference, then you should reach out either to other participants in the conference, because they might have locked the conference, or to the IT administrator of your employer/school, because they must have set up a company/school-wide password for ell conferences.

You don’t need to delete a room, as eConnect-Pro meeting rooms get deleted as soon as everyone leaves them. If you want to remove it from your app home screen too, you can just swipe left on the name and it will offer you to delete the entry.

eConnect-Pro uses the free Gravatar service (https://en.gravatar.com/). If you sign up for that service with the email address you set up in the eConnect-Pro application, and set an avatar there, eConnect-Pro will show that profile photo in your next conference.

Next time you can try using the “Room lock” feature. Using Room lock, you can set a simple password that you share with others in the conference (for the unlikely case they got dropped from the conference), so the only people who know that password can join your conference.

We occasionaly experience some exceptionally heavy load and intermittent issues may happen. We suggest you try again a bit later, if possible. If the problem persists, please reach out to us via email:

In this case, please reach out to us via email: support@econnect-pro.com


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