eConnect-Pro Video Webinars

Expand Your Span With eConnect-Pro's Solid and Adaptable Webinar Solution

Share Your Story

Host webinar and share your story with up to 100 audience.

Easy Set-up and Registration

Customize and brand your emails and registration forms. Flexible registration management and multiple integration options for your CRM systems.

Present With Confidence

Simple and intuitive host controls for presenters and interactive capabilities for attendees from desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and conference rooms.

Connect and Engage Audiences Everywhere for:


Onboarding new employee and customer. product demos and development.


Conduct announcements, large events through webinar.

Corporate Communications

All hands, town halls, benefits enrollment

Webinar Capabilities That Help You Reach More People and Grow Your Business

HD Video and Audio

Optimize the overall experience of the webinar with HD video and sound

On-demand Viewing

Expand your impact with on-demand or recurring webinars with recording and auto-generated transcripts.

Customized Invitation

Invite participants to a webinar via a simple and custom URL

Live Streaming

Live stream your webinar across various social channels such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Full-featured Host Controls

Complete control of the webinars, by Muting/unmuting panelists, giving them audio and video capabilities for enhanced engagement.

Event Assistance

Host large-scale events with help from our team, including planning, rehearsal, and live support. Online Event Consulting Services


Business Testimonials


“We have worked with Suchi on various software development initiatives & technology enabled services. Our experience has been outstanding. The Suchi team is professional, knowledgeable and accommodating to needs no matter what time of day. They helped us to re-develop our software for our client and they took the product to a whole new level. Our clients have been extremely happy with the end result. We continue to expand our partnership to include hosting, software maintenance as well as the development of additional software products and business services.”

Jeff W. Mallory

Our Business Clients